Wednesday, February 24, 2010


For Grandma's birthday, grandpa generously offered lots of $$$ for Lynette and I to spend on clothes for her!! (He said he was safe since she would probably return everything so it would end up costing him nothing--ha ha)  We started at Macey's, but only found a couple of things. Lynette became the designated carrier of all the clothes we found! I think carrying all those clothes exhausted her
(I did offer a picture retake but she declined)!

Then we went to CJ Banks and all three of us ended up spending at least TWO HOURS in an oversized dressing room!!! Needless to say, we laughed and laughed and laughed!!! The conclusion is that
Gma is a "big girl,"
Lynette is "Ginormous,"
which means I am "morbidly obese"  and should shop in the "OTHER" store! 

We all know how Gma likes her clothes BIG, right?!!! Well this is the first pair of pants she picked out, tried on, and thought the size was perfect!!!! What do YOU think?!

 Lynette decided to measure her skinny little thighs and they are 19 inches!!!
I won't tell you what Lynette's measured! Hahaha!!
YES....I refused to measure!! Duh!

Gma found a khaki skirt (sorry, no picture) which she tried on and loved, but Lynette and I liked a different one better so she took it off...
EVEN WIGGLING!!! you think that MIGHT indicate the size is too big??!!! HAHAHA!

The skirt she is holding is the one Lynette and I wanted her to get, but she wasn't quite sure about it so..... she checked the fiber content!!! Oh how we love you MOM!!! :)

This is the cute lady that helped us (Kim)! She ran back and forth bringing new sizes
("another size 12"--wink wink--to see if it fit better),
and other cute clothes for her to try on!
I really loved her because she wanted to know who was older--me or Lynette!!! :)
I just patted Lynette's shoulder and explained to Kim that Lynette has SIX kids and that is why she looks so OLD and has more gray hair!!! hahaha!!!
She was WONDERFUL and said she would pull some things from the new shipment for Gma to try on Friday, when we go back!!!

 This is a cute little lady who was jealous of our PARTY in the dressing room!
She hung around the store waiting for us to come out so she could see who was having SOOO much fun and was laughing SOOO much!!! :)

It was a GREAT day, with GREAT company, and tighter abs from so much LAUGHING!!!

I will post more pictures later, but I want you to be surprised when she models on Sunday at her Party!!!


Stephanie Madsen said...

HAHAHAHAH oh my goodness! I wish i could have been there to see all of that! That is HILAROUS that grandma took off her skirt without unbuttoning or even wiggling!! haha oh grandma...she just likes to be cumfy...but a size 12?? man alive! She could probably fit into a size 4! lol

Lynette M. said...

I am totally laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes..again! By the way, I was just starting to feel good about myself tell I read your I feel like I look in that first picture!! Ha Ha! That was sooo much fun!! But Im gearing up for tomorrow by telling myself positive affirmations...I am beautiful, I am tall, NOT ginormous, I have slender thighs....